Issue #8 – Joseph L. Rodriguez

This Issue Xanadu Storage Facility (2021) 30 second digital loop “What does your cloud and its data look like? What does your soul and its contents look like?” The Key To Most My Memories, Encoded In My Cloud (2021)Single-channel video projection and live performance 30 second digital loop Ode To Lindsay Packer […]

Issue 3 “Afterimage” by Kelsey Shwetz

KELSEY SHWETZ   Shwetz’s paintings are comments on our environmental state and glimpses of a post-anthropocene world; the atmosphere is uninhabitable for humans, only vegetal life and geological forms adapt and flourish in the torrid air. This world is a not so distant future, an alternative planet, or a computer simulation, where a new narrative […]

Issue 2 “Da EP” by Charles Mason III

Charles Mason III (based in Baltimore, MD) received his AA in General Studies from the Community College of Baltimore County, 2010, BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2014, and his Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 2019. He has curated several shows in […]

Issue #1 – Gaia Rounds, Candace Jensen

GAIA ILLUMINATION ROUNDS  CANDACE JENSEN “The Gaia Illumination Rounds were produced at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT in residency, spring of 2019. The series consists of watercolor, herbs, earth pigments, gouache, gold leaf, and ink on recycled, deckled paper measuring approximately 8.5″ in diameter. They feature automatic poetry in imagined landscapes, in response […]

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