Issue #8 – Sun Tzu-ping

Junk 1.Plants giftedBy those I adoredAre dead for long The pots, still Around, posing under the sun 2.Mugs that no longer drink Drawers betrothed to be closedThe dust beingDust, one small step at a time Three centuries laterSomeone takes up archaeology 3.Worms spunging off rice grainsIn a mired rice bin Long, long agoSpring was written […]

Issue #7 – Mara Lee

MY NATURE Dusk unfolds its slanting light blazing yellow fall, plucked and clean-shaven – Her low race down into the soil Most things on that body can be braided pulling roughly at the roots grown wrong, ancient slanting sun A braided path tightens over the field it splits the ground into what grows and what […]

Issue 7 – Tomaž Šalamun

MANNA All of this swiftly molts like snakes and time, like daisies. With fresh snow and those epaulettes that come off to make room for a swarm of flies. With the desire to paint a truck yellow. Squeezed and scared and with a cap and I’m smoking. The boycott has green guts. Touch, touch the […]