Issue #8 – Sun Tzu-ping

Junk 1. Plants gifted By those I adored Are dead for long The pots, still Around, posing under the sun 2. Mugs that no longer drink Drawers betrothed to be closed The dust being Dust, one small step at a time Three centuries later Someone takes up archaeology 3. Worms spunging off rice grains In […]

Issue #7 – Mara Lee

MY NATURE Dusk unfolds its slanting light blazing yellow fall, plucked and clean-shaven – Her low race down into the soil Most things on that body can be braided pulling roughly at the roots grown wrong, ancient slanting sun A braided path tightens over the field it splits the ground into what grows and what […]

Issue 7 – Tomaž Šalamun

MANNA All of this swiftly molts like snakes and time, like daisies. With fresh snow and those epaulettes that come off to make room for a swarm of flies. With the desire to paint a truck yellow. Squeezed and scared and with a cap and I’m smoking. The boycott has green guts. Touch, touch the […]

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