“and even you forgot those brilliant flashes seen from afar” -Ruth Stone


I’m feeling absolutely ecstatic

listening to a guy

explaining a videogame

in great detail

to a woman

at the coffee shop.


I’m leaning against the beer cooler at work

trying to stabilize my nerves

after a most discouraging encounter

wherein I’d been asked for a to-go box

for a single potato skin.

The size of the world

depends on your mind though.


The receptionist said, ‘Wow’

and leaned back with

her eyebrows raised

as I—pulling short–

demonstrated a kick

on the water cooler.

She’s married but

everyone knows

a quality man

when they see one.


I became myself like

two years ago or so.

I mean I was me

the whole time

but that was

the fuckin problem.

Cop of the area

directly beneath me.

And you can have

everything else.

My prayers have been answered

for a new wild west.

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Sam Pink‘s books include Person, The No Hellos Diet, Hurt Others, Rontel, Witch Piss, and The Garbage Times/White Ibis.

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