Westfield, Century City

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It’s the hour when men at the mall get eaten up
By all the cheaply made clothes that are very expensive

Tomorrow A machine with a wig on it
will do your chores
while Trying to resist doing violence Against you

Perhaps you can charge your men in the parking garage
before speeding down the street of children at play
It’s okay, since yours have been safely deposited at the private Christian school around the corner
Although you yourself are not religious

Hello Shadow
Shadow will pick out an outfit To hold my shape
However, each article is wrinkled so my ravenous stomach falls out

My stomach is exposed to the open-air mall
My intestines and my bladder glisten on the turf
I need all of my makeup on
My face

“I miss this place…”

I remember coming here with my mother
Where is my mother?
My father was one of the men who got eaten.
If we find his phone we can find him
We can read all of his text messages

Poetry and Wine

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I was at the new alice waters restaurant called lulu
In the hammer museum waiting to see harryette mullen
Read and i was killing time sitting alone at the bar
in lulu listening to the girl next to me talk to the bartender
because they had just found Out they were both
from provincetown massachusetts
I was drinking wine and eating ceviche
The girl kept referring to the bartender’s father
As a local legend and since the ceviche wasn’t filling enough
i ordered bread and butter. the bartender
Came to LA to be an actor and i do believe i have seen him
In something but i’m not sure what
He was very excited to meet this girl from the cape or
“P Town” which is what they called provincetown
Listening to their small-town conversation I felt
Shame for my random rootless life
in los angeles which is a feeling i have often
But i’m not sure what to do about it.
I couldn’t finish my bread and butter
So i shared some with this P Town girl
in exchange for some of her potato chips
And she decided to come to the reading with me
I paid my $74 check and together we exited lulu
and entered the auditorium where Harryette Mullen was about to read
In this new setting I asked what the bartender’s dad
was famous for and she said There was this unsolved murder
and the bartender’s father was famously a suspect
For having had an affair with the victim and fathering her child
who was two years old when she was found
clinging to her mother’s stabbed body
But the child wasn’t the bartender. I’m not sure it was a girl child
But that’s what I imagined when she told me the story.
The murdered woman was also having an affair with another
Man and that’s who everyone in p town thinks did it,
But they convicted a black janitor instead and he’s the one
Who’s been in jail all this time. My new friend left quickly
After the reading and there was another woman
who i had met at a previous reading
who re-introduced herself to me
Because she said she has a spatial memory and thus
Can only remember people in the setting she meets them
But i do not think that is the correct definition of spatial memory.

Happen Factory

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It’s All about to happen again.
They said over there it happens,
It all comes on about the same time
and the field whispers want,
then want no more.

What you are is what you had to do to know.
You didn’t have to but you did.
You are about to have all of it.
And I have just about had it.

You think you know all about that
Feeling you just came out of and into this box.
Space comes back for more space itself
So you move through it.

So you have a new technology that can’t exist
but already does
and nobody knows better
and everybody knows.

And it’s no longer
It is happening now.
It happened without me knowing.
I don’t know How much everyone doesn’t know
and it happened already.

But you knew The other day that flower
on the side of the mountain
is yellow and sometimes white
and was used medicinally in the past.
Always the past is being used
and comes back
And is still in use today.

Don’t Laugh

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Where did you get your plastic bag
I want to go on a trip with you
I want to build you a rental car
& take us around an island

I want to go on a drive with you
at the wheel and me in the trunk
and take us around an island
I haven’t been horny in months

You’re at the wheel and I’m in the trunk
You put it in reverse, I smash my head
I haven’t been hungry in months
Ok I’m excited for breakfast!

I smashed my head like a potato
I want eggs and an English muffin
I will only wake for breakfast
I will also have sausage and coffee

I make eggs and an English muffin
It isn’t normal to be so healthy
I make coffee & a little sausage
I even throw out the trash

It’s normal to be a little unhealthy
I’ve never turned trash into sculpture
I threw out the trash, it was trash
Does that mean nobody will love me

I’ve never turned trash into sculpture
But I collect its itty bitty flies
Does that mean nobody will fuck me
Some people arrange trash by color

My heart buzzing with flies
I will build you inside a rental car
You are trash of all different colors
Your head is a plastic bag

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