As a child
I did not understand the meaning of the words emancipation devaluation evacuation but now
I am an adult and
I want to cry at the sight of children who have known the meaning of these words since childhood

exhausted by memory
stained by memories
the birds will not return after wintering

scream so loud that the forest hears
be silent as caustically as only air can
touch the vast flesh of the water with your hand
miserly e-clouds float inside a template email

today is the best day to translate a poem into the language of trees
or learn the facial expressions of stones
people gather around a tall pillar to learn the language of death
today the witch will be burned on this pillar

the universe is snow-winter
one day we will fall into the grave
slowly like snowflakes

thunderstorm at sunrise
light breeze sways the grass
there is still no snow

the rain is over
the forest is getting damp
birds sing in autumn

I want to congratulate you on your return
For the twentieth year in a row
I meet the first snow as a friend

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