Taught wet towel snapped
the cute ass pink
caught by surprise
red blooms, beachside

spit and hot water
coaxed the barbed stem
to the head of the welt
thicker than forget
but thinner than recall

the insecure sun
came fast
after that nasty spell
the tide looped on
and on it was plot-
less, incidental

1  Stingray venom is composed of the enzyme 5-nucleotidase and the neurotransmitter serotonin.
When injected into smooth muscle, serotonin causes severe contractions, activating pain
receptors in the brain.


Strongman-type grandpop
did calisthenic torso twist with no
thoughts / not a real word for “leisure” at its pure
wordless signal. Thermal pool, shower
curtain, deep part, scalp reveal, indecipherable parts
of parts strain a seam.
Expletives       homey as the good
bad mother natural light reveals the vile
tile, voices rose and fell. A life knows to
live but the rest, out of body.
Healed the moment we forget
about ourselves.


A piece of distorted cellophane
spins around town in the breeze
in the style of the tumbleweed
from the wild
western genre.

It signals the condition of drifting,
lonesome noontime star.
Thin boys are skipping, think of the weak
pitched-up kissing noises used to call
the cat back.

Film not as cinema but what clings
to the tops of things — a hat
wearing a hat hat

something was almost there
the birds in the air
almost birds in the air, or
approximating that that

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