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I almost overflow the bath
The water coming from the faucet sounds like a dial tone
You come in to floss your teeth
I take baths in the dark with only a candle lit
You use floss picks, not what I would choose
You don’t say hello
Or anything
I’m having these thoughts that are a poem now
I want to know if it will be like this forever
I keep telling people I’ll write essays
But I can’t finish the first one I wrote
My editor hasn’t gotten back to me
And I’m still writing in this form
Is a lesson in humility
I’ve been told to talk more about how my romantic relationships
Relate to my father
Which I’m now realizing they all do
The tree outside our window is in bloom again
In Los Angeles you will be merging onto the 10 freeway next to someone on a scooter I’m certainly far from Baltimore
And Green Spring Station snowball stand
Truth is I’m not a writer
I’m an actress
I learned to write in Ojai
Looking at you

As my handwriting evolves I’m going to write a long poem

You can watch me/ Is something I’ve said in a bedroom
Unexpectedly I always end up in one

People reveal themselves quickly

It’s important to know what you want
And to make a decision

I recall another life,
a few

Desire is more powerful than guilt
Is there a difference
Between freedom and desire?

I fear my own desire
Sorry World
I promised I wouldn’t say anything about
Usually I just say I want
Not I desire
Desire is sensual to me
Hidden somewhere
The Catholic Church
Banned Desire

There’s monsters in my closet
I put them there
I let them watch me when I’m alone,
They know my guilty pleasure is being hysterical
When I look in the mirror I remember
Conquering men is the only time I have ever felt powerful
I’m still writing you a long poem
It’s horrible,
Eating lunch

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