Issue #8 – Michelle Taransky

Were There More Time And less infestations I might continue to go Through the alphabet again Call my misreading my mis-prison At the trial you were the one who saidI read Jewish You know, it’s usually not one person Who gets to decide what is centered Her marrying into the Hurt family Is not the […]

Issue #8 – Nathan Spoon

The Way It Started Somebody whispered once into my ear. It was one of those afternoons and I felt like makingmischief of expectations. Have I succeededI wondered aloud to the absence left by the whisperer. You know people do not appreciatemischief a nearby tree seemed to say as windshifted its dainty branches. But how does […]

Issue #8 – Zoë Ryder White

Entropy is the only law of physics that isn’t time-agnostic. Meaning, it can’t be undone. This minute’s chaos, each miniscule undoing, won’t reverse. Meaning, S=K log W, “arrow of time,” etc.: the minutes drive disorder but not disorder’s opposite. Meaning, the Orionids sizzle through the heavens, one right after the next. I can’t see them; […]

Issue #8 – Pamela Hart

CARTOGRAPHY For example the tearing of a rose, scent trailing you down the block, you swearing petals can change history. For example the point when you, pressing the white on tissue, fold the walk into some book’s pages, mark the course deep in limbic chambers. Or given dune grass you roam sea prairies where salt […]

Issue #8 – Sampson Starkweather

THE SOUL WHISTLES A LITTLE DITTY BEFORE CLOCKING BACK IN TO BEING GROUND DOWN TO DUST just once I’d like to lie down in the middle of this factory close my eyes and sigh forever like the earth or a busted old fridge only humming to rest in just-dreamt music to jam the gears and […]

Issue #8 – Basie Allen

Most People Have Shadows But I got Broom Sweeper Man It’s a wild time of day When the Texas Chicken and Burger Sign above Broadway Flickers with needed rub and affection Its tongue Along the creaseOf upper teeth and sucks inNasty-long Thru day lit neon ew- glimmeroyster even good light to believe inwhy smokers keep […]

Issue #8 – Shanta Lee

Fever Dreams of a Feral (I) How to Reverse a Conjure              for Remus Owl’s blood?Too easyEasy like the wayyou appearedand disappeared lifeThat kinda power always has balance When you and yourswant to be Gods,know that even Gods mustobserve the rules:No buried jars facing Eastunder no flowering treeNo owls killed by human hands For this kind […]

Issue #8 – Sun Tzu-ping

Junk 1. Plants gifted By those I adored Are dead for long The pots, still Around, posing under the sun 2. Mugs that no longer drink Drawers betrothed to be closed The dust being Dust, one small step at a time Three centuries later Someone takes up archaeology 3. Worms spunging off rice grains In […]

Issue #8 – Matvei Yankelevich

From a Winter Notebook * * *My fingers: thorns of winter blackberryor bramble. Shall I dare to touch soft things?I wash in sun’s broad disinfecting rays.Some knowledge of the frequency of bugsis on my vita. I comb my hair with sticks;weeds only grow here. For the transactionthat would profit you, I have no assets.But if […]

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