Issue #9 – Francesca Kritikos

INTAKE FORM AT THE SPRAY TAN OFFICE How long would it take you to find $35 worth of products you want? Can you freeze bananas in their wrappers, I mean skins? I can’t afford some of the things I want and I call it having morals. I can’t afford some of the things I don’t […]

Issue #9 – Mack Gregg

JANUS FACES THE CANNED GOODS AISLE as a verb, (facing) refers to thephysical action of moving products to theedge of the shelf to ensure shelves alwaysappear full, even if they are not -darren gilbert, “an expert’sguide to product facing” deep and compulsive I reachinto the dark placebetween the kidney and the blackbeans, to pull what’s […]

Issue #9 – Reuben Jackson

A friend (sends love) A friend sends A picture of three chickens Standing in a kind of Formation On a road where The snow has begun To retreat Funny I tell her I was singing the theme from Green Acres Last evening, And thinking About people Who move to rural places In search of serenity- […]

Issue #9 – Rachelle Toarmino

Disclosure from Mars Don’t say last nerve. Don’t say red isn’t my color. Rust, butterscotch. I’ll melt when it matters. Meaning yes the way these syllables move I won’t shut up about. Watch me husband around you. All of it runaway and random. Okay but I don’t care when you take my ideas because you’re […]

Issue #9 – Sam Pink

ECSTATIC I’m feeling absolutely ecstatic listening to a guy explaining a videogame in great detail to a woman at the coffee shop. POTATO SKIN I’m leaning against the beer cooler at work trying to stabilize my nerves after a most discouraging encounter wherein I’d been asked for a to-go box for a single potato skin. […]

Issue #9- Amrita Pritam

The Bird of Time Translation Original O Mother the bird of time fliesIt doesn’t listen or say anything Mother there are many tall potsBut it doesn’t sit on any of them Every day the sun seeks to findThe direction in which it livesIt must come from somewhere it must go somewhereThere is never a day […]

Issue #9 – Khashayar Mohammadi

Autobiography I am the age of explorationa book written in an attemptto force chronologyI’m still at the public bathhousesteam, haunted by caressesof the djinn’s weddingclimbing walls to smellorange blossoms overstill waterand the bored lifeguardat the poolI am the age of science booksa revised memorya second lifein the blink of an eyea poem writtenin contempt for […]

Issue #9 – Ben Purkert

The Only Job let me tell you what happenedto Earth I was sitting at my deskwhen my eyes started to meltI mean this as literally as I mean anything a fireis the world at its most literaland there I was simply a puddleof sight you see my eyes kept working they didn’t stop though I […]

Issue #9 – Michael McGriff

Essay for Eavan Boland A dead deer in the ditch. It’s the founding architect of every shadow I drag through town. I pass the widow’s house—her eternal windows reflect and reflect me.When it gets waist deep, I mow her grass.With one drop of oil this whole scenewould spin free of its oxidized threads.But this is […]

Issue #9 – Dominic Dulin

Novateur (1) I think you threatenedyour coworker at FedExmaybe that was it but I still have your emailsI reread them sometimesmy heart bleating out I still don’t understandwhy you sent me death threatsfake acid wrappedin soviet propaganda papers I pictured you chasing mearound with a butter knifesharpened to a green tipdriving your grandma-colored cara testament […]