“and even you forgot those brilliant flashes seen from afar” -Ruth Stone

Issue #10 – Matthew Dickman

APRIL in memory of Donald Hall Everything is coming back but you. The leaves on the maple, the purple honeysuckle, the warm air. People are waking up in the morning, making coffee, making breakfast for their children and acting like you never existed. Nothing stopped but you. And that was the horrible part. I remember […]

Issue #10 – Zoë Ryder White and Nicole Callihan

Theory of Entanglement No longer impossible: spooky action at a distance. Far away particles in simultaneous disarray, simultaneous harmony (see harmonic theory, see adding to the series one by one, see approaching infinity, see Goethe in the grass, etc). To even measure spin is to throw the system to the dogs. What will the dogs […]

Issue #10 – Robert Allen

The Running I’d been running away from us for years And just needed an excuse. So I went off, lost my mind, got sick at heart; depressed, disconnected, delusional. Whoever I once was once was gone like smoke in an angry wind. We bumped me into madness. It was dead and cold in the hospital. […]

Issue #10 – Julia Guez

Still Life with SARS-CoV-2 and then what and then what, what then Meditation at Callicoon More and more night pretends it isn’t spring. What to make of the daffodils then? Hyacinth here and there, wind and rain? So many birds. Of course they won’t stay long. None of this will. Not the night, the cold, […]

Issue #10 – Marney Rathbun

THIS TIME THAT YEAR I sprayed a perfume called Le Petit behind my knees and under my breasts. On the couch in my mother’s house, where she slept through her diagnosis, where I threw up steak nachos, you couldn’t believe even my nipples smelled like me. It Must Be Something You Eat, you said. Maybe, […]

Issue #10 – Mykyta Ryzhykh

*** As a child I did not understand the meaning of the words emancipation devaluation evacuation but now I am an adult and I want to cry at the sight of children who have known the meaning of these words since childhood *** exhausted by memory stained by memories the birds will not return after […]

Issue #10 – Jake Romm

For György and Marta Kurtág sitting alone on my couch and the orange light cast from the lamp perched there on the windowsill is blushing me and the dark blue sky in a sunset shade even though it’s late at night and the sun set hours ago, leaving only its blueness behind as an excuse […]

Issue #10 – Claire Dougherty

Westfield, Century City It’s the hour when men at the mall get eaten upBy all the cheaply made clothes that are very expensive Tomorrow A machine with a wig on itwill do your choreswhile Trying to resist doing violence Against you Perhaps you can charge your men in the parking garagebefore speeding down the street […]

Issue #10 – Joyelle McSweeney

Death Styles 8.27 daughter style Now we have a secret and it’s your secret difficult to keep as the clasp on a vinyl diary you snap off when you’re angry in your tenth solitude We love the story about poison daughters growing in a poison garden whose kiss would kill the suitors so don’t even […]

Issue #10 – Joanna Solfrian

Ode to My Lover’s Armpit Triumphant! I have found the secret cave longed for by explorers the cave with paintings of now- extinct trees with dark, frenzied branches reaching this way and that toward the corona in the sky O, locus of birdsong! From your branches the body sings of terrestrial and practical madness The […]

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